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How natural are our products?

Our products are almost entirely made of natural, sustainable and organic ingredients. And if there’s anything that nature cannot provide, we use safe alternatives.

Do we use parabens?

All Rituals products are paraben-free!

Where are the products produced?

All cosmetics are produced by specialist labs and high-end European cosmetics manufacturers.

Do the products contain plastic scrub particles?

All Rituals products are 100% free of plastic scrub particles!

Do our products get tested on animals?

No, we never test our products and ingredients on animals and we also don’t allow third parties to be involved in animal testing. All our products are on the Cosmetics list of the Proefdiervrij foundation (



Tell me more about The Ritual of Ayurveda

The Ritual of Ayurveda is based on the ancient Indian philosophy of Ayurveda. Ayurveda, the science of life, focuses on restoring inner harmony and a balanced living. According to the Ayurvedic philosophy, harmony can be found through cleansing and nourishing both body, mind and soul.

Vertel mij meer over The Ritual of Hammam

The Ritual of Hammam is based on one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world. People in the Orient have been using the authentic steam bath experience called Hammam, which purifies the body and mind, for centuries. This ancient tradition inspired us to create a collection that meets the demands of modern-day living. Close your eyes and experience the warmth of your own Oriental wellness ceremony.

Tell me more about The Ritual of Happy Buddha

The Laughing Buddha was a renowned monk in ancient China. His legendary smile spread happiness wherever he went and, even today, rubbing his belly is said to offer happiness and prosperity. This tradition has inspired our collection full of heart-warming products that celebrate this positivity. The invigorating Happy Buddha collection, with sweet orange and stimulating power of cedar, offers an extra dose of happiness every day.

Tell me more about The Ritual of Sakura

The centuries-old Hanami ceremony in Japan celebrates the beauty of the Sakura blossom. This cherry blossom symbolises the fact that life and beauty are fleeting and that one has to enjoy them vigorously. Discover The Ritual of Sakura and experience every day as a new beginning.

Tell me more about The Ritual of Samurai

The Ritual of Samurai has its origin in the meticulous care rituals of the Japanese samurai warriors. Through these rituals, the samurai prepared for battle and allowed them to radiate strength, control, and self-confidence. This is why the Ritual of Samurai was created especially for men who want to present themselves perfectly groomed and face the challenges of daily life head on.

Tell me more about The Ritual of  Jing

Inspired by the ancient Chinese concept of Jing, representing calmness, stillness and tranquillity, The Ritual of Jing helps you find your path to inner peace and cultivate the art of calm and tranquillity. Create a personal sanctuary and achieve deep relaxation and restful sleep with meaningful routines.

Tell me more about The Ritual of Karma

According to the ancient Hinduism belief, you attract good karma by living a life with good intentions. Take good care of yourself and others, and pay attention to the small things. Eventually, everything will be given back to you as happiness. The Ritual of Karma helps you to retain the positive vibe of summer all year long.

Tell me more about The Ritual of Holi

The Ritual of Holi is inspired by the ancient tradition from India that celebrates the arrival of a colourful new season – spring – and the victory of good over evil. It inspires forgiveness, spirituality and a reset of soured relationships. By covering each other with colourful powder, participants are symbolically ridding themselves of emotional impurities and starting anew.



Do you support good causes?

We choose to support good causes and projects of which we feel that they fit well with our company. Currently, we support the Tiny Miracles foundation. Unfortunately, we cannot answer requests from private or local initiatives. As a principle, we never respond to requests for donations in the form of money or products.



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